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We create and sustain a functioning and clearly defined community system of care.

About Our Advocacy

The Liberty City Protecting Youth Partnership is a self-governing group of seven community organizations partnering together to provide a comprehensive behavioral health approach to address the needs of clients involved in gun-related violence funded by “The Children Trust.” LCPYP performs as an organized, coordinated continuum of care network. The partners work as an integrated system to meet the multi and changing needs of children and their families affected by gun-related violence within the LCPYP service boundary.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop community-level systems with core values that promote a continuum of care process to facilitate the development of community resilience and collective community power.

Our Vision

Our vision is to forge a safe, resilient, and empowered community free from the impact of gun-related violence. Through a unified, comprehensive approach to behavioral health, we envision a community where the youth is nurtured and safe from harm.

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