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We Work to Help the Youth Build Skills and Facilitate Their Resilience.

The Liberty City Protecting Youth Partnership System of Care works as one care system to increase understanding of root cause(s) and protective factor(s). Thus, LCPYC is using a Behavioral Health Approach that seeks to provide high-quality care that incorporates prevention and intervention activities that improve the client’s functioning and facilitate a more positive response to life challenges that build the client’s resilience skills.

System of Care Summary

The System of Care provides a total spectrum of social services, trauma/mental health assessment, and treatments, including other necessary prosocial activities such as education enhancement, employment skill development, STEM training that leads to vocational careers, mentoring, individual and family counseling, etc.

Program participants are youth clients 18 YEARS AND YOUNGER and their family members who show documented evidence of being involved in a gun-related violence incident. Involvement, for example, includes any family member the youth lives with being a perpetrator or victim, any incident the youth themselves are involved with, any occurrence at a community event, etc., would be examples of involvement.