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This Is How Our Advocacy Started.

LCPYP is a grassroots effort that relies on the resources of neighborhoods, residents, and the government working together to build community resilience. Law enforcement and other traditional governmental human services agencies should not determine community needs. LCPYP’s process of determining community needs is a Strategic Prevention Framework and other prevention science methods and models that assist the development of a communities’ discovery of the root cause of desired and undesired activities among its residents. The government claims it offers highly localized and potentially cost-effective approaches to public safety, but to date, their approaches have not produced community-level desired results for African and Latino Heritage communities.

The Urban Partnership of Miami Dade County Coalition (UPMDCC) is a community mobilization effort of disseminating information on youth substance use/abuse and efforts to address use/abuse; enhancing skills of Coalition members and other partners through monthly meetings and quarterly training focused on advocacy, effective techniques for sharing prevention knowledge, and comprehensive community planning/mobilization, and providing support within and beyond the UPMDCC’s boundaries to affect community-level change. The LCPYC is building upon the groundwork of the UPMDCC by developing a multi-sector network of health and human service providers using SPF’s model of shared leadership and collective impact – collaborating within the health and social care delivery systems through a centralized infrastructure, dedicated staff, and a structured process that leads to a common agenda, shared measurement, continuous communication, and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants that benefit community youth health and behavior outcomes.

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